Aires Colombia - A bad tasting air carrier

June 28th 2010. If you travel by plane with the company Aires Colombia, get prepared and don’t expect to receive a quality service because too many problems concerning the customer’s service are present.

We understand that a small problem can occur in life concerning a service, but when it’s many, then it’s evident that the management is deficient and that the values of a company are disorganized. In fact, we buy two plane tickets by Internet from Bogotá to Cartagena for June 21st. We try Aires Colombia for the first time which has fees 10% cheaper even if we had negative comments about this business.



Entering the plane, a Boeing 737-700, the air hostess tells us that our seats are taken (23A-23B), so I ask her why. He tells us he proceeds so because the plane changed… but the truth, the plane is the same, so a first lie comes from him. I ask those who took are seats why they’re sitting there, they then tell me that the air hostess told them to change place (25A-25B) with 3 young teens (which later in Cartagena, I see with friends of Aires, so favour treatments for family or friends) pretending a plane changing (which was totally false).

Many people will therefore be bothered to accommodate 3 friends instead of waiting at the end to accommodate the 3 friends… but no, the air hostess, with no intelligence, prefers creating problems to ten or so people to satisfy his personal interests and not the interests of Aires which are the customers and their image. Worst, he asks the people to collaborate, which is a stupid decision because it’s for his own personal interest.

The flight lasts about 1h10 and after 45 minutes of flight, they start passing the drinks, but nothing is free for this first service. About 10 minutes later, so during the planes descent, a second service starts to offer free drinks, but since the descent has started, they have to stop. Do you understand, they try to sell and not give and they have as excuse that the plane is descending in order to stop…?

We recover our seat-cases in Cartagena and we observe that one is completely demolished and good for the garbage. We ask ourselves how we could demolish one like this.

Exiting the baggage claiming zone, we put ourselves in line because an Aires employee makes a baggage control to check if everyone has the right one. But, we see at least 30 people passing behind the clerk without asking them their coupons and seat-cases, what surprises me is the big attitude of Colombians not doing the line and the clerk’s attitude not asking them their baggage proofs.

Arriving at the employee, I ask him why he lets so many people without asking them their proofs, so he doesn’t answer and turns his back to me, so I answer him to give a reason concerning the customer’s service which is awful.

We directly head to the Aires counter to deposit a complaint concerning our demolished seat-case and the Aires clerk that doesn’t want to listen and then I tell him that I will publish this in order for people to see their behaviour and the bad customer’s service of Aires. We head to the airport responsible to explain him our problem and our reclamation with Aires.

The airport person comes with us to the Aires counter and then we start observing 4 Aires people trying to pass their responsibility to others justifying their lack of attention at customers. A person asks us to fill a complaint and reclamation document and tell him that there isn’t any control number on the document, so no complaint management exists from Aires and they completely don’t give a thing about people.

After more than a week, we haven’t receive anything from Aires in order to solve their problem, which confirms their lack of customer service and one of the reasons why we suggest you not to use this carrier inefficient in their customer service. Evidently, we have redacted this article in 3 languages in order for millions of people to see trough our popular Websites and therefore show facts about a business with stupid values and also allow people to make good decisions for their interests.

In order saving a couple of dollars, we made the error of taking Aires (in order getting to know the business) and since we have always got an excellent service with Avianca and AeroRepublica, we’ll continue taking their planes and never in life take the ones of the Aires business.