How to contact us - Ediciones DMC

Adress :

Barrio Crespo, Cartagena, Colombia

Service hours : 12h00 - 18h00


Languages :
English, french and spanish


Director of operations : Diana Arellano Turizo

Email for reservation :

Director of communication : Claude Lasanté


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Our mission and vision

We desire be a Website concerning Cartagena de Indias that inform in a conscious, honest and responsible way of what of visitor could live during their visit and therefore multiply what brings well-being.

We offer personalized visit plans in harmonious relation with serious and responsible businesses or dealers in order to able visitors to strongly appreciate their visit in Cartagena de Indias.



Who are we?

- We’re a family business composed of Canadians and Colombians who have a great experience in relations and business creations in order to realize an environment in constant evolution according to the intentions of people. We observe a problem and try offering a creative and advantageous solution for the solution of people.

- We perfectly communicate in French, Spanish and English to allow us understanding people and therefore see together what we can offer to improve their life quality.

- We’re also owners of many businesses and Websites allowing us to receive millions of visitors per year and take conscience of life conditions of people.

Here are some Websites we own:




- http:///