Were to go out to entertain in Cartagena de Indias?

Many places are available for those desiring to entertain while their trip or visit in Cartagena de Indias. Whether there’re clubs, bars, restaurants, exotic places, beaches, islands or other excursions, Cartagena offers a multitude of possibilities for anyone whether their age.




Outgoing and beach Music and bar Place and relaxtion
 Video available on each topic

Rosario islamds

45 minutes by boat


Donde Fidel, bar salsa

Centro, Place Los Coches


Santa Teresa place



Totumo volcano

À 60 minutes de voiture

Habana, bar salsa


Santo Domingo place



Mangrove Boquilla

La Boquillla

Tu Candela, disco bar

Centro, Los Coches place


San Diego place

Centro, Santa Clara


Playa Blanca beach

Île de Barú


Cafe del Mar, bar resto



Bulls place

11 de Noviembre


San Martin aquarium

Îles du Rosaire


Arsenal street



Cock fighting


Bocagrande beach

Zone touristique


Mister Babilla, disco bar

Getsemani, Arsenal

Los Lagos site



Blas el Teso beach

La Boquilla

Babar, disco bar

Centro, Santa Teresa place


Selva Negra site



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