Yesitt – Carriage promenade in Cartagena de Indias

One of the most useful and popular ways to discover the places to see in Cartagena de Indias is the carriage promenade. Not only you’re outside, but you dispose of a complete vu and all you other senses are attentive to each moment. No other transportation method can bring you this sensation and you can take pictures and videos to bring back as souvenir.



Carriage tours for any tastes
Yesitt offers you carriage tours from the historic center and also from the hotel zone of Bocagrande. Imagine a carriage coming to get you just in front of your hotel room! If you desire get a special carriage tour, you only have to inform us of your intention and we’ll assist you in this realization.





Our personalized visit plan

If your intention coming to Cartagena is to not rack your brain to organizing your reservations, then we strongly recommend you to see together in creating a personalized visit plan.