Long term trip: preparing your trip!

February 12th 2010. Leaving six months discovering Colombia, installing a bridgehead to discover South America is as much a dream as an organisational challenge.

At first, having all the identity papers in rule: passport, identification card and visas. The dates written on a visa differ according to the country: we can stay as a tourist a certain period or else our presence is illegal on the territory. It rarely passes three months. Postmark or vignette in the passport, the visa is an authorisation to enter a territory. You can buy your visa at the border or at the visited country’s embassy, the price is supposed to be the same.



Then if you leave for a long period, it’s useful to buy a two-round trip ticket without any return date fixed. This will allow you to leave whenever you decide all by already paying a large piece of the price. Don’t hesitate subscribing for a cancelling insurance or plan a picnic if you took low cost tickets during your trip. As a matter a fact, a 6h trip without having something to eat can be long…

For what’s for the insurances, see for your medical cover and maybe subscribe to complementary options protecting you whatever the country and activities. In the same register, verify with your doctor the necessary vaccinations for your trip and keep proof of these with you as well as your eventual allergies, and blood type. If you travel with children, double your precautions.

Leaving six months, it may also be leaving an apartment or at least by-rent it. With good practice, the ideal of box storage is to consider to preciously keep your things. Confiding overstock items to close ones also avoids bad surprises and allows keeping an eye on mail or important issues. Once in place, joining or being joined is now easier thanks to internet and notably Skype who proposes subscriptions or deals defying any competition.

Driving in another country can mostly be a head buster: automatic cars, national license not recognized, we better think about it, especially that it’s possible to receive an international license in your original country.

Beyond the packsack to prepare and you’re checked and done!